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PartnershipWanted streamer

We are looking for partners who can do promotions via live stream and expand mutual business opportunities.
Promotions via live stream are a new type of shopping experience in which individual streamers and viewers communicate through live streaming and introduce products. In China, it has already grown into a large market alongside mail order, accounting for over 10% of online sales as of 2021.
Influencers who boast monthly sales of over 100 million yen have already appeared.
Would you like to be active as an influencer in promotions via live stream, which is sure to increase in market size?

  • Wi-Fi & Lighting
  • Multilingual
  • Over 5,000 items
    in stock

We are selling domestically and internationally through live commerce.
We have more than 5,000 products at all times with the facilities for live streaming,
so please feel free to contact us.

* A meeting is required for live schedule and fees.

Live studio

Our studio is fully equipped for instant streaming!
You can select and introduce products from the store, so instead of promotional products, they can introduce their favorite products, brands, etc.
You can select products that suit your audience.
Of course, the studio is free, and there is no purchase of products.

For those who want to try live sales but are hesitant due to equipment and studio fees, and for beginners who want to stream from a location other than their home.
It is also recommended for advanced live performers who want to sell high-priced products.

  1. Live streaming in a dedicated studio with Wi-Fi installed

  2. You can select products from the store.

  3. More than 5,000 products are always displayed in the store

  4. Appointment only

  5. Studio usage fee free

Usage flow

  1. Contact us

    Please contact us below to apply as a live partner.

  2. Preliminary meeting

    We will check your ID and antique dealer license in advance.
    At this time, we will also explain the precautions to take when using the studio and the handling of the products.

  3. Studio reservation

    There are a limited number of studio, so reservations are required.
    If you have already completed preliminary meeting, you can reserve a studio for the same day if there is space available.

  • Please have your antique dealer license and ID ready at the time of the preliminary meeting.


Live studio
Yokohama Hinodecho Main Store
Payment method
Bank transfer
Payment deadline
Within 3 days from the day after the live stream